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between the arachnoid and the pia mater.


Underneath the arachnoid membrane.


Situated or occurring beneath the arachnoid membrane, or between the arachnoid and the pia mater: subarachnoid hemorrhage.


Referring to the space underneath the arachnoid mater.
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Global and domain-specific cognitive impairment and outcome after subarachnoid hemorrhage.
In recent years interventional cerebral procedures have received a lot of encouragement, especially after the international subarachnoid aneurysm trial reported that endovascular management of acutely ruptured aneurysms may be superior to surgery.3 The trial reported a variable overall complication rate ranging between 0.6 and 10% in patients with cerebrovascular disease undergoing angiographies.
Recently, we successfully stimulated tight junction and adherens junction proteins by activating Frizzled-4 receptor, a canonical Wnt signaling receptor that is also expressed on pericytes [80], suggesting that pericytes may be a promising target to maintain blood-brain barrier integrity and functions during subarachnoid hemorrhage treatment [21].
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We provided first preclinical evidence that baicalin protected against subarachnoid hemorrhagic brain injury.
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Evgen Pharma is a clinical stage drug development company whose lead programmes are in breast cancer and subarachnoid haemorrhage, a type of stroke.
Pre-load all patients with 10 ml/kg Ringer lactate solution prior to subarachnoid block.
Non-traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhages are very important owing to their high mortality and morbidity, although they are not frequent causes of urgent hospital admissions.
Aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH) is often associated with poor functional and cognitive outcomes, (1) which are attributed to the initial hemorrhage, as well as secondary complications such as cerebral vasospasm, delayed cerebral ischemia, or myocardial injury.