Below the anus.
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Female genitalia: Segment 10 transparent membranous; cerci well developed, long cactus shape, hairy; postgenital (subanal) plate broad and clear, bristles present Eupeodes latifasciatus Macquart, 1829 (figure 2.
Measurements of instars included: body length taken from the anterior-most point of the head rearward and parallel with the body axis to the rearmost point of the body (terminal abdominal appendages or the tip of the subanal plate); length of the hind femur measured from the anterior-most point of the femur (dorsal to the articulation with the coxa) to the tip of the dorsal lobe of the hind knee; and head depth measured from the highest point on the occiput to the lowest point on the labrum.
Supra-anal plate irregularly triangular; subanal plate nearly trapezoid.
7B) compuesto por dos placas esclerotinizadas triangulares separadas medialmente por un area membranosa, cada una de las placas esclerotinizadas con cuatro cerdas; placa subanal (Fig.
16); spiracle 6 just in membrane, spiracle 7 on the edge in tergum; subanal plate pentagonal (Fig.
Hyalomma (Euhyalomma) schulzei Olenev, 1931 is recorded and re-described for the first time from Balochistan, Pakistan in detail with special reference to its capitulum, basis capituli, hypostome, palpi, scutum, genital aperture, adanal and plates subanal plates, anus and festoons.
3); venter areolate but also bearing larger warts admixed with smaller granules; pair of subconical subanal warts; no anal sheath; upper surfaces of limbs smoother than dorsum; series of 4 low ulnar tubercles; palmar tubercle bifid, much larger than oval thenar tubercle; supernumerary palmar tubercles present; subarticular tubercles round, nonconical; fingers bearing lateral fringes; disks of outer fingers about twice as wide as digit below disk, round apically; disks of inner fingers smaller, round; all disks bear ventral pad, completely defined by circumferential grooves; first finger shorter than second; no nuptial pad in males.
The monophyly of the genus Echinocardium is based on two synapomorphies: an anal branch is added to the subanal fasciole, and the labrum is short and bordered by two pairs of ambulacral plates.
Betsch (1980) complemented the diagnosis of Pararrhopalites and remarked on the presence of a metathrochanteral spine, dorsal cephalic spines, finely dented macrosetae on great abdomen, female subanal appendages elongated and simple, post antennal organ and dorsal glands absent.
Subanal plate with washboard possessing up to 3 stridulation ribs on each half; 2 long and well-developed, a third short rib sometimes present mesally (Fig.
Subanal lobe bases sclerotized with apex membranous, a pair of lateral lobes present with base broad, apices short and blunt in ventral view (Fig.
From its location, I take this to be the subanal plate but, as it is almost membranous in many species, I prefer the term hypoproct.