subacromial bursa

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 [bur´sah] (pl. bur´sae) (L.)
a small fluid-filled sac or saclike cavity situated in places in tissues where friction would otherwise occur. adj., adj bur´sal. Bursae function to facilitate the gliding of muscles or tendons over bony or ligamentous surfaces. They are numerous and are found throughout the body; the most important are located at the shoulder, elbow, knee, and hip. Inflammation of a bursa is known as bursitis.
bursa of Fabricius an epithelial outgrowth of the cloaca in chick embryos, which develops in a manner similar to that of the thymus in mammals, atrophying after 5 or 6 months and persisting as a fibrous remnant in sexually mature birds. It contains lymphoid follicles, and before involution is a site of formation of B-lymphocytes associated with humoral immunity.
bursa muco´sa (mucous bursa) (synovial bursa) a closed synovial sac interposed between surfaces that glide upon each other; it may be subcutaneous, submuscular, subfascial, or subtendinous in location.
subacromial bursa one between the acromion and the insertion of the supraspinatus muscle, extending between the deltoid and the greater tubercle of the humerus. See illustration.
Subacromial bursa, lying between the acromion and supraspinatus tendon and extending between the deltoid and greater tubercle. From Dorland's, 2000.
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sub·a·cro·mi·al bur·sa

between the acromion and the capsule of the shoulder joint.
Synonym(s): bursa subacromialis [TA]
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sub·a·cro·mi·al bur·sa

(sŭb'ă-krō'mē-ăl bŭr'să) [TA]
Area between the acromion and the capsule of the shoulder joint.
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Proinflammatory cytokines and metalloproteases are expressed in the subacromial bursa in patients with rotator cuff disease.
Caption: Figure 1: (a) Ultrasound-guided injection into (a) the subacromial bursa and (b) the supraspinatus tendon.
The primary sources of pain in SIS are the tendon of RC, LH of biceps and subacromial bursa. In the acute stage, pain is localised to the involved structure and is aggravated by elevation/abduction of the arm.
Important softtissue structures include the capsule, subacromial bursa and rotator cuff muscles - supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis.
The main mechanism is subacromial impingement of rotator cuff tendons (mainly supraspinatus), long head of biceps tendon and subacromial bursa between the humeral head and coracoacromial arch caused by repetitive overhead activities of the arm.
"There's no question that ultrasound-guided injections are more accurate in certain joints, such as the deeper joints like the hips, the small joints of the hands, and the subacromial bursa," according to the rheumatologist.
Vascular endothelial growth factor 121 and 165 in the subacromial bursa are involved in shoulder joint contracture in type II diabetics with rotator cuff disease.
At the end of surgery, a group of 28 patients, mean age 50 years, was treated with 10 mL of hyaluronan (Viscoseal) and 10 mL of 0.5% bupivacaine injected into the subacromial bursa via an arthroscope.
* The subacromial bursa: slight swelling or thickening may be detected between the inferior surface of the acromion and the humeral head.