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1. a wire run through a catheter or cannula to render it stiff or to remove debris from its lumen.
2. a slender probe.
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, stylette (stī'let, stī-let'),
1. A flexible metallic rod inserted in the lumen of a flexible catheter to stiffen it and give it form during its passage.
2. A slender probe.
Synonym(s): style, stylus (3) , stilus
[It. stilletto, a dagger; dim. of L. stilus or stylus, a stake, a pen]
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(stī-lĕt′, stī′lĭt)
a. A surgical probe.
b. A fine wire that is run through a catheter, cannula, or hollow needle to keep it stiff or clear of debris.
2. Zoology A small, stiff, needlelike organ or appendage, such as a piercing mouthpart of an aphid or other hemipteran insect.
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, stylet (stī-let', stī'let)
1. Flexible metallic rod inserted in lumen of flexible catheter to stiffen and give it form during its passage.
2. Slender probe.
[It. stilletto, a dagger; dim. of L. stilus or stylus, a stake, a pen]
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Two digital reconstructions (A and B), both from 13 histological slices (117 [micro]m total thickness) of the route of penetration of white mango scale stylet bundle in mango leaves.
Stylet cone###9.71um+-0.39 (9.50-10.45)###9.31um+-0.26 (9.03-9.50)###--
Electrode scalar deviation is another electrode insertion issue with every pre-curved MH electrode type irrespective of CI brand owing to the application of a stiff metal stylet rod or a stiff polymer sheath in straightening the electrode from its pre-curved configuration during electrode insertion.
The Macintosh-type VLs do not require the use of a stylet, but the angulated blade-type VLs mostly require a rigid stylet for insertion of the tube into the trachea.
More recently, studies have also shown that stylet weight is an effective proxy of octopus age and, thus, a cost- and time-effective alternative to daily increment enumeration (Rodriguez-Dominguez et al.
The following parameters were assessed: (1) time from beginning of recording to first probe, (2) time from the beginning of recording to first sieve element phase, (3) number of pathway phases, (4) number of xylem phases, (5) number of sieve element phases, (6) number of non-probing events (resting phase), (7) number of potential drops [intracellular stylet puncture), (8) duration of pathway phases, (9) duration of xylem phases, (10) duration of non-probing events, (11) duration of sieve element phases, and (12) number of A.
As the speed of intubation and the possibility of gastric aspiration is always a concern, it is preferred to use a stylet inside the endotracheal tube (ETT) (15, 16).
( It is an ISO9001/13485-certified manufacturer of precision medical components, including ACTONE flexible metal hypotube (high torque transmission), motor-driven drive cables and multiplex torque coils, miniature coils and wires, guidewires, stylet wires, and braid-reinforced catheter tubing.