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hor·de·o·lum ex·ter·'num

inflammation of the sebaceous gland of an eyelash.
Synonym(s): sty, stye




n. pl. sties also styes (stīz)
Inflammation of one or more sebaceous glands of an eyelid.


Etymology: ME, styanye, eyelid tumor
a purulent infection of a meibomian or sebaceous gland of the eyelid, often caused by a staphylococcal organism. Also spelled stye. Also called hordeolum.
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External hordeolum, eyelash follicle infection Ophthalmology An acute infection of the eyelid's sebaceous glands or hair follicles/eyelashes due to blocked glands in eyelid; once glands are blocked, bacterial infection–often staphylococcal–ensues, resulting in a gob of pus/pimple; the infection resolves when the pus drains from the sty Caution Don't pop pimple, it could worsen; it usually resolves on its own


A suppurative inflammation of a gland or hair follicle of the eyelid.
Synonym(s): sty, stye.
[Mod. L., hordeolus, a sty in the eye, dim. of hordeum, barley]

sty, stye

see external hordeolum.
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As you have had a number of styes, it suggests that you may be a little run down.
Repeated styes are often a sign of a low immune system - also known as being 'run down'.
Repeated styes can be due to diabetes so get the doctor to check your urine.
My sister was a martyr to styes - "wisps" as we knew them.
A free sculpture trail through the woods at Holme Styes and a communal sing in Victoria Park, were also successful in encouraging everyone to explore the free wonders of the great outdoors.
No one really knows what causes styes, but they may complicate seborrhoeic dermatitis, a condition in which the sebaceous glands in hair follicles are inflamed.
Lid conditions such as blepharitis, styes and lid infections are more common in patients with DM, (55) which, if present, could irritate and cause problems for the patient.
Tonight, Richard Da Costa and Lynsey Horn are becoming pigs and have to eat and sleep with the beasts in styes and farms, hoping to gain a unique perspective on the animals.
QIF someone gets frequent styes does this mean they have some sort of deficiency?
Years of mixing up swill and mucking out styes convinced Benicio Del Toro the only hog he wanted anything to do with was hogging the limelight in front of the camera.
People always thought I was daft when they spotted me training for the triathlon swimming in Holme Styes reservoir at Holm-rth in February, and now they see me there with an iron.
Blepharitis is an inflammation of the skin around the edges of the eyelids and, if the area is infected, styes may occur.