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These sectors included: a) food prices and food production (as impacts of food price on households' available income, and changes in farmers' incomes); b) health and labor productivity (stunting, as lost income over a lifetime; malaria and diarrheal disease, as treatment costs and days of work lost; c) labor productivity losses, as proportion of labor time lost; and, d) disasters, as income losses due to exposure to cyclones, storm surge, floods, and drought).
Yet, there was no mention of stunting on political manifestos of the three largest political parties - the PML-N, PPP and PTI - in 2013.
We need a combination of macro and micro level initiatives to defuse our demographic time bomb due to child stunting. And we can't waste any more time.
address the stunting and the both countries got increased average height
We first describe the development and fitting of a model for estimating the prevalence of stunting. Second, we outline the process of estimating the proportion undernourished (PoU) using per capita calorie availability estimates from Nelson et al.
Stunting also shows regional variations, with Islamabad Capital Territory having the lowest stunting rates.
'We are among 13 districts with a high rate of children faced with stunting. We have observed that the issue emanates from parents not taking care of children efficiently, family disputes and mindsets because some parents don't prepare a balanced diet yet they have enough food,' she said.
How does the so-called Africa Rising saga square with rising hunger and enduring stunting of hundreds of millions of African children?
He said stunting is the result of continued low intake of energy and essential nutrients.
That is why tailored and focused DepEd support to the one-third of schoolchildren afflicted by stunting, as Dr.