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Shortened; retarded, as in growth.
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These poor wretches were stunted in their growth, their hideous faces bedaubed with white paint, their skins filthy and greasy, their hair entangled, their voices discordant, and their gestures violent.
She pointed to the nearest trees, a small forest of stunted oaks, which shut in the view to the right, after quarter of a mile of a bare and rugged valley.
They were two shrivelled, stunted, dried-up specimens of trees--two ghosts of palms--without foliage, and more dead than alive.
In the afternoon he walked about the common; and that is gray and dingy too; it is neither country nor town; the gorse is stunted; and all about is the litter of civilisation.
Here lay a desolate valley--a shallow, narrow valley dotted with stunted trees and covered with many great bowlders.
Trent watched him through the leaves of a stunted tree, underneath which he had thrown himself.
During that speech, Mr Khan held out X-ray scans of the brain of a stunted child next to that of a healthy one, showing the visible difference in size between the two.
One in three children in Africa is stunted, which reduces the likelihood of achieving multiple sustainable development goals.
They said over 44 percent children under five years were stunted in Pakistan due to chronic malnutrition.
They said over 44 percent children under five years are stunted in Pakistan due to chronic malnutrition.
As of 2015, 33.4 percent of Filipino children 5 years old and younger were stunted, hardly changed since the 1990s, when it was in the higher 30s.
"In the absence of successful poverty and climate change reductions, climate change by 2030 resulted in over one million more stunted children, while more successful efforts to address poverty limited the increase to five hundred thousand," Lloyd says.