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Shortened; retarded, as in growth.
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The number of stunted children in South Asia - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan - decreased by only 10 percent between'90 and 2010.
Children who are stunted are at greater risk of illness and death, impaired cognitive development and poor school performance, say health experts.
ij3]) stunting, we estimated the proportion not or mildly stunted ([y.
ijk] represents the proportion stunted < 5 years of age in country i, in region j, and stunting level k; and [x.
35% of children < 5 years of age will be moderately stunted.
Percent undernourished (a) Percent relative increase in PoU under Climate change(b) 2050 Region Baseline NoCC NCAR CSIRO Stunting level South 22 15 30 29 97 Moderate Asia Severe SSA Central 65 53 81 80 52 Moderate Severe East 35 24 52 52 116 Moderate Severe South 32 33 60 60 82 Moderate Severe West 15 12 29 29 142 Moderate Severe Percent stunted (mean [+ or -] of the Percent PDFs(a),(c)) relative 2050 increase in stuntinq under Region Baseline NoCC NCAR CSIRO climate change(d) South 23 11.
The UNICEF report indicates that more than half the children in both Afghanistan and Yemeni suffer from stunted growth, causing a vast array of problems and often perpetuating poverty.
59% of Afghanistan's children were found to have a stunted growth rate, followed closely by 58% of the children in Yemen.
Piyali Mustaphi, a UNICEF nutrition specialist for the Middle East and North Africa region, said it was worrying that Yemen, Sudan and Egypt all featured in the top 24 countries with the highest levels of stunted growth among children.