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Supported by Morton Subotnick, composer of the original Parades and Changes score, and musician Miguel Frasconi, and stunningly lit by Jim Cave, the eight dancers undressed three times.
Filled with humor and British slang, the books relate the triumphs and woes of stunningly self-absorbed 15-year-old Georgia in diary form as she struggles with her loony parents, leaky little sister, girlfriends irritatingly obsessed with their own problems rather than Georgia's, ferocious pet cat Angus, and of course boyfriends.
Not only is he stunningly good-looking, but he also appears intelligent and forthright, which only adds to his attractiveness.
I think J Lo has a fabulous figure, perfectly in proportion and stunningly sexy.
These are rooms of her own, but by distilling concrete aspects of their physical profile, Fish touches on the stunningly co mplex and ultimately expressive nature of home.
Unable to understand what was always going on in a given moment, I opted to relax and go along for the ride, enjoying the total effect of Linton's primary gift, his stunningly beautiful and original imagery.
Stunningly encircled by mountains, the lush expanse of Cape Town's Kirstenbosch Garden constitutes the greatest botanical landscape in southern Africa.
This yields such stunningly clear and illuminating readings, one only wonders why no one did it before.
Color plates as well as black-and-white photographs allow for close examination of the stunningly beautiful medieval artwork, and the text spares no details in its examination of the nuances in the manuscript's words and art.
Featuring an informative essay Fictional Freedom: April Gornik's Landscapes by distinguished art critic Donald Kuspit, and a conversation by Dede Young (curator of Modern and contemporary Art for the Neuberger Museum of Art) with April Gornik on and about here work, this superbly presented 167-page monograph beautifully showcases April Gornik's stunningly impressive ethereal landscapes, flawless technical skills, and her own unique "inner eye" as an artist revealing here aesthetic interpretation of natural images.