stunned myocardium

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stunned my·o·car·di·um

impaired myocardial contractile performance following a period of ischemia and ultimately reversible.
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'stunned' myocardium

Transient–hrs to days in duration postischemic contraction defects that follow myocardial reperfusion in acute MI. Cf Hibernating myocardium.
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Because patients with hibernating or stunned myocardium can benefit from coronary angioplasty and coronary bypass graft procedures, it is important to differentiate between nonreversible necrosis and potentially viable myocardium.
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Levosimendan has the potential to reverse myocardial depression induced by acidosis in the stunned myocardium because of its mode of action on the myofilaments (128).
For comparison, human recombinant intact [cTnI.sub.1-209] and [cTnI.sub.1-192] [the primary cTnI degradation products observed in stunned myocardium from isolated rat hearts (4, 12, 13)] in human serum were resolved alongside each patient's samples.