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Pseudonym for William Sealy Gosset, British statistician, and chemist, 1876-1937. See: Student t test.


pseudonym for William Sealy Gossett, English research chemist and statistician.
Student t test - assesses the difference between, or the equality of, two or more population means.
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Bustling and artistic, Montreal has lively neighbourhoods - from the old port to the studenty Latin Quarter, Little Portugal and gayfriendly Village.
As daylight threatened, Emma and Dexter made for the cover of her flat in the studenty suburb of Newington, just a stone's throw away from the romantic Holyrood Park.
Becky Jones, assistant manager of upmarket Charles Street bar Barocco, added: "It's definitely getting more 'studenty' in the city centre."
We left Firstborn in his student house doing studenty things because he's of the 'no churches, no museums' persuasion.
The outdoor tables in Exchange Square make it a stand-out area for bars but if you want to watch bands in a lowkey setting, Night & Day in the studenty Northern Quarter is the place.
An exhibition at the Kunsthalle Zurich last year featured fourteen of Cytter's works, most of which were made during her time at de Ateliers in Amsterdam, between 2002 and 2004; but only her earliest videos, made while she was still living in Israel, have anything studenty about them.
The pieces by Roman Pallas and Slavomir Horinka were still too "studenty" to say much about the personalities of the composers.
A bit studenty and likely to be busy and noisy but the food choice is astounding both in value and variety.
Gillespie begins with discussions of Studenty (1950; Eng.
(*) Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Safety, Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Studenty 15A, 53362 Akademija, Kaunas distr., Lithuania, E-mail:
It was jolly, if studenty, stuff - EastEnders dubbed into Italian, two smart gels sharing a flat in London in the swinging 60s.
V roce 2008 v ramci stipendia pro zahranicni studenty absolvovala obor Environmentalni vedy na Wageningen University, Nizozemi.