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Pseudonym for William Sealy Gosset, British statistician, and chemist, 1876-1937. See: Student t test.


pseudonym for William Sealy Gossett, English research chemist and statistician.
Student t test - assesses the difference between, or the equality of, two or more population means.
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The studentships complement the charity's annual research grant round, which in 2015 will offer up to 170,000 [pounds sterling] over a three-year period.
Triform's curriculum has two major elements: a studentship program lasting between three to five years in which participants cycle through semester-long rotations in the community's various vocational areas, often changing residential homes as well, and an apprenticeship program for studentship graduates, where one vocational area is studied in depth.
The research was based on a year's fieldwork at Lake Nash on the border of Queensland and the Northern Territory, and was supported financially by a research studentship from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies.
This section may also carry Abstracts of research done by students as part of ICMR's Short Term Studentship, DST's Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana etc.
Mr Harkins commenced his professional career as a graduate health and environment specialist following a studentship with the government service in the United Kingdom.
Funding for the studentship is being provided by the Natural England Environment Research Council which funds science that increases the public's understanding of the natural world.
With the support of a Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research/Alberta Mental Health Board (AMHB) studentship and a grant from the Alberta Gaming Research Institute, Currie will sample 400 Aboriginal people from various backgrounds and communities within Edmonton to find out what protects people from a life of addiction.
is the recipient of a studentship from the Seamus Heaney Centre at
The PhD studentship program will build on Scotland's proven record for producing high-quality graduates and technicians skilled in the chemical sciences.
Minis with vanguard friends in Paris and by the sea: there are page-by-page videos of sketchbooks, and digital simulations of unbuilt cities and interiors: but also real artifacts watches from his studentship in Switzerland with L'Eplattenier, lively folk pottery, tables and chairs co-designed with Charlotte Perriand: and his paintings: nature-studies.
This also applies if the candidate is applying for a PhD studentship, in which the topic can be pre-set according to the curriculum of the specific research unit.
In the past few years, Qualcomm has donated to the University of Cambridge for the 'Qualcomm Research Studentship in Computing' and has donated to the formation of a joint research and scholarship program with the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

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