student nurse

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stu·dent nurse (SN),

a student in a program leading to certification in a form of nursing; usually applied to students in an RN or practical nurse program.
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stu·dent nurse

(SN) (stū'dĕnt nŭrs)
A student matriculated in a nursing program; may be diploma, associate degree, baccalaureate, or master's program.
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Student nurse participants in this study described themselves as invisible to the nurse clinician they were working with in the clinical setting.
When a student nurse is functioning as the sole health care provider at a camp setting, titles such as "camp nurse," "assistant nurse," or "student nurse" must not be used by camp staff or in camp literature in reference to the first-aider.
Senior student nurses, as part of their community health clinical experience, were assigned to staff the school health clinics at four Chattanooga inner-city elementary schools.
By participating in the Extern Program, the student nurses have gained confidence, maturity, and knowledge.
Vanessa, who was born in Cardiff but lived in Abergavenny at the time, said the royal visit was a huge success and she and her fellow student nurses joined other guests for dinner.
"The fact that the student nurse felt empowered enough to raise this with her superiors shows we have a culture of accountability within the trust."
The topic of student nurse perceptions provides a wealth of information regarding learning in the CLE.
Christien Hagen, a third year student nurse, contacted The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH) because she wanted to explore the different health systems in the UK and gain an insight of how nurses work on the wards.
This year we will increase the bursary for careexperienced student nurses and midwives to PS8,100.
For the SNTAs, Ela Hamer and Devon Buchanan are nominated for Student Nurse of the Year (mental health) while Leanne Patrick is in the running for Outstanding Contribution to Student Affairs and Most Inspirational Student of theYear.

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