structured noise

struc·tured noise

in radiology, the signals from anatomic structures that interfere with the detection of significant pathology.
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DxO DPP estimates color lens shading and green imbalance maps on the fly from the stream of images before correcting RAW data for color non-uniformity and high-frequency structured noise.
The technique essentially eliminates the structured noise of two-dimensional projection mammography, and provides a three-dimensional data set of the entire breast.
The AR1820HS delivers improved low ISO speed (outdoor) performance, high-ISO speed (low light) performance, lower structured noise, and better angular response than the MT9F002 14MP sensor.
Designed for improved video performance, this easy-to-use, cost-effective product offers both higher sensitivity for high-frame rates and reduced structured noise for clean low-light video.
The focus for sensor design is on pixel performance and architecture, specifically low-light sensitivity and structured noise reduction.
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