structured noise

struc·tured noise

in radiology, the signals from anatomic structures that interfere with the detection of significant pathology.
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First, a texture image is generated by image decomposition with a TV model, and the structured noise and illumination variation is greatly reduced from the texture image.
To reduce these structured noises for latent fingerprint segmentation, the TV model is used to decompose the latent image y into texture and cartoon components, i.e., y = u + v.
DxO DPP estimates color lens shading and green imbalance maps on the fly from the stream of images before correcting RAW data for color non-uniformity and high-frequency structured noise.
A lot of "structured noise" is created by the overlap of normal radiographically dense structures.
The technique essentially eliminates the structured noise of two-dimensional projection mammography, and provides a three-dimensional data set of the entire breast.
Tellingly, he refers to music as "structured noise," she adds.
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