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A branch of psychology interested in the basic structure and elements of consciousness.
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In the first two chapters of A New Mimesis, Nuttall strenuously argues against the structuralist notion that language is cut off from reality.
Here we find the path that leads from structuralist poetics to fictional worlds; the path is called structural thematics.
The scientific ambitions of structuralists are exposed as impossible dreams [.
Said remarked that structuralists stood at "the beginning of a new era" (p.
This discussion builds to his main point concerning the relevance of material culture to the study of history; a point in which he reveals his structuralist ontology.
What excited me most about the structuralist program was its ambitious attempt to unite disparate fields of knowledge.
If there is a weakness in this section of the book, it has to do with the lack of a systematic discussion of the intellectual roots of the structuralist perspective.
The structuralists make a distinction between the causes of inflationary pressures and cumulative inflationary pressures on the one hand and the propogating elements on the other.
From Structuralist Semantics to Cognitive Linguistics
Part 2, "Neutral Epistemology," constructs a naturalistic epistemology for mathematics and part 3, "Mathematics as a Science of Patterns," develops a structuralist account of mathematical objects.
As a critical response to structuralist theories, post-structuralism disrupted seemingly stable categories such as male and female, power and dominance, rational and emotional (Lye, 1996).
After identifying analogous "structural" relationships (or "isomorphisms"), the structuralist could then compare apparently different objects of study and tease out larger, deeper meanings.