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A branch of psychology interested in the basic structure and elements of consciousness.
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Levi-Strauss, asserts that, all cultural phenomena, like linguistic phenomena, depends on the unconscious meaning-conveying structure of human mind, and the method of structural linguistics is suitable to analyze this unconscious process.
For Appiah, race is part of the meaning-making machinery of that world rather than a synonym for culture, and the principles of structural linguistics are, like those of science, not of much value in the explication of race.
Brocquet also interrogates the resonances between his application of structural linguistics and Sanskrit poetic theory, showing that the figure of slesopam[a.
One could feel in his text a convergence of the Barthian triad, "Image/Music/Text," staged as a dialogue between structural linguistics and theories of nonverbal representation.
The divergence between Harris's research and work such as that contained in this volume is explained by the particular linguistic and semiological framework within which Harris is working, for since the overall orientation of the above volume is post-structuralist, it seeks to extend the biplanarity of structural linguistics from the spoken sign to the written sign in an attempt to bridge the gap between the two, as can be seen in the Introduction: "Texts in any medium, transmitted or recorded in any form, are signifying entities or practices which operate through a system of differential relations between sounds or letters" (Fabb 8).

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