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 [for´mu-lah] (pl. formulas, for´mulae) (L.)
1. an expression, using numbers or symbols, giving the directions for preparing a compound (such as a medicine) or giving a procedure to follow to obtain a desired result.
2. a mixture for feeding an infant, usually with cow's milk as a base, supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Various formulas are available, differing in protein, fat, and carbohydrate content in order to meet the nutritional requirements or restrictions of individual infants.
chemical formula a combination of symbols used to express the chemical components of a substance.
empirical formula a chemical formula that expresses the proportions of the elements present in a substance.
molecular formula a chemical formula expressing the number of each element present in a substance, without indicating how they are linked.
spatial formula (stereochemical formula) a chemical formula giving the numbers of atoms of each element present in a molecule of a substance, which atom is linked to which, the types of linkages involved, and the relative positions of the atoms in space.
structural formula a chemical formula showing the spatial arrangement of the atoms and the linkage of every atom.
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struc·tur·al for·mu·la

a formula in which the connections of the atoms and groups of atoms, as well as their kind and number, are indicated.
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struc·tur·al for·mu·la

(strŭk'shŭr-ăl fōrm'yū-lă)
A formula in which the connections of the atoms and groups of atoms, as well as their kind and number, are indicated.
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The structural formulas has been calculated from chemical analysis (FRX) of a <0.5 [micro]m separated clay fraction after homoionization in [Ca.sup.2+].
In this sense, to determine the layer charge of V, it was performed with the structural formula, which was determined through XRF elemental analysis.
She analyzes their linguistic and structural formulas, how they used subversive tools to avoid censorship, and how they individualized the genre to suit their needs, in terms of Scott's Scottish nationalism, Dickens' socialist purpose, and Stevenson's radical aims.” -- Book News:
The abstracts also feature structural formulas and reaction schemes, thereby enabling a rapid overview of the publications in this field.
Using melodic and structural formulas that can sound repetitive and boring to the Western ear, it aims to build a texture whose effect is to induce a kind of ekstasis or trancelike state, in which the believer, rather than perceiving an exterior image or illustration, turns inward, so that the imagination approaches and even contacts the divine itself.
Structural formulas give professional chemists information about physical and chemical properties of corresponding compounds.
This edition contains new molecular structural formulas, plus new research and updated references.
This reference for chemists lists reagents alphabetically and gives concise descriptions, structural formulas, and selected examples of applications.
He presents structural formulas and basic chemistry lessons, but no references or further reading.
A brief introduction explains types of chemical compounds and their molecular and structural formulas, and gives background on naming compounds.

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