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adj. safer, safest
a. Free from danger or injury; undamaged or unhurt: He returned from the voyage safe and sound.
b. Not exposed to the threat of danger or harm: The children were safe at home all through the storm.
c. Usable in specified conditions without being damaged. Often used in combination: a microwave safe container.
2. Affording protection: a safe place.

safe′ly adv.
safe′ness n.


Vox populi Any activity, or element–instrument in the environment for which the risks of its use and disposal are considered acceptable


Cardiology A clinical trial–Safety After Fifty Evaluation


(sāf′tē) [ME. saufte, safety, health]
1. A practice that ensures protection from harm or injury.
2. The condition of being protected.
3. A device that prevents the unintended discharge of a firearm.
safe (sāf), adjective


Acronyn for surgery, antibiotics, facial cleanliness and environmental change. This complex of measures is a strategy for the control of TRACOMA and has been shown to be effective in endemic areas.

Patient discussion about safe

Q. What is the safe amount of alcohol? I like alcohol, but I don’t want to end up an alcoholic. Or even have the problems that come with it (liver problems etc….)

A. the best method is not too drink at all,and you wont have any problems to worry about.

Q. Is Nytol Effective and Safe? I have been under excessive stress for the past few days mainly because of my new office. I find the working conditions quite hostile mainly because I have a social anxiety disorder. I do have an individual cabin where I am isolated from others, but it is the break hours that I dread when people get together. I feel completely out of place and often times the butt of all jokes. These thoughts keep hovering in my mind all the time. I am not able to sleep and my mind keeps churning out negative thoughts all night long. Because of this my productivity at work has reduced a lot. Is there any way I can stop my mind from thinking when I go to bed? My friend recommended <a href="">nytol</a> but I am not sure if this would be effective. Please advice..

Q. If an alcoholic consumes zinc, will he be safe? Hi! While reading through the medical journal, I came to know that if an alcoholic consumes zinc, will he be safe?

A. Approximately 30%–50% of alcoholics have low zinc status because ethanol consumption decreases intestinal absorption of zinc and increases urinary zinc -


zinc is a necessary mineral you need for the immune system, brain function and other systems of the body.

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Customers asked us for the power of StrongBox with the flexibility to run in VM environments, and now they have it," said David Cerf, executive vice president of strategy and business development at Crossroads Systems.
StrongBox is the industry's most cost-effective answer to ever-growing data storage requirements, seamlessly scaling for today while future-proofing for tomorrow.
Earlier this year, Crossroads announced StrongBox integration with DDN's MEDIAScaler(TM) solution optimized for use in the media and entertainment industry.
The StrongBox NAS is also now compatible with Oracle.
Strongbox gave the play its debut last year in the Shop Front Theatre as part of the annual degree show at Coventry University, and it was so well received that the company is restaging it on the university's city centre campus.
So, all keys will be stored in a secure location, generally an office safe or strongbox
The 387-year-old relic was shown to the court during the trial, brought into court in a padlocked black plastic strongbox and presented on a pillow next to the witness box.
It shows the gangleader and her accomplices buying items from Mr Ketheesh and two of them struggling to carry the strongbox out of the shop.
A mother of five is behind bars after being caught with a strongbox full of her dead father's drug-tainted cash.
Here, Congress has rigged the funding formula so that everybody gets to reach into the strongbox and grab some cash.
Sixty- five million will flood into the Anfield strongbox if the deal presently being brokered by chief executive Rick Parry goes through, which means a possible pounds 40m for Houllier to play with.
CASH has been stolen from a strongbox at Rangers' pounds14million training ground.