stromal hyperthecosis

stro·mal hy·per·the·co·sis

condition in which luteinized cells are present in ovarian stroma at a distance from follicular structures.
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Differential diagnosis includes granulosa cell tumor, thecomas, stromal hyperthecosis, unclassified sex cord- stromal tumors, stromal luteomas and hyperreactio luteinalis (8).
Leydig cell tumor, non hilar type, is composed of steroid cells containing Reinke crystals and surrounded by ovarian stroma that often shows stromal hyperthecosis, and except for their location, the clinical and pathological features of the non hilar type is similar to that of the hilar type.
DISCUSSION: Ovarian hyperthecosis or stromal hyperthecosis with HAIR--AN Syndrome is a rare disorder clinically similar to PCOS but with greater intensity of androgenisation and is associated with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.