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Imogen Thomas, currently in her second year of a health and sport degree at Worcester University, entered the Impulse body spray competition to find Britain's most strokeable body.
GETTING A LEG-UP: Imogen Thomas, proud owner of the most strokeable legs, with composite body (inset)
Along with the body parts of eight other winners, Imogen's legs have been merged into a montage to create the ultimate image of Britain's most strokeable body, which is now appearing on billboards across Lon-don.
We wanted to pick a winner that had beautiful strokeable skin to reflect the fact that our Moisturising Body Spray helps to keep skin smooth and silky all day long.
The nine winners also returned to the capital this week for the unveiling of the billboard adverts featuring the strokeable body part montage.
In practice, texture is probably less limiting than pattern, but the golden rule is to always stick to clean lines and keep those fabrics strokeable.
Slinky silk curtains, strokeable suede wall coverings, and cuddly and comforting cushions in velvet or lambswool are just some of the tactile trends we're being advised to go for this autumn.
Fluffy mohair throws, rich velvet cushions, hand-knitted woollen blankets and strokeable faux fur all ensure that your trip outdoors was well worth it.
That's what these bathtime chums promise - but which ones make your bod strokeable and which ones should be tipped down the plughole?
TRULY TOUCHED OUR GUIDE TO STROKEABLE SKIN Give grey, dull skin the brush-off with a spot of exfoliation.