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Pertaining to the illusion of motion, retarded or accelerated, produced by visual images observed intermittently in rapid succession.
[G. strobos, a twisting around, fr. strephō, to twist, + skopeō, to view]
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Because of these limitations that are based in the technology of strobovideolaryngoscopy, stroboscopic examination of some voice problems is troublesome.
The stroboscopic effect on Unilux's strobe lights is generated with short, bright flashes of light to create a freeze-frame effect so that operators can see the web as if it's standing still.
And the admission request message is broadcasted in the way of stroboscopic preamble.
In contrast to classical stroboscopes, the RCD running in a stroboscopic mode will imply that within the time interval between t = kT and t = (k + 1)T, a specific reconstructive inverse problem is solved, and its solution is "displayed" on the recording device (that can be understood literally, for example, a tomogram of a "dynamic object" with a given depth is displayed on the screen).
Considering the small number of interrogated clinicians, the study reveals a relatively low accuracy of intraoperative assessment of biopsy and excision biopsy in particular for patients with similar suspicious laryngeal lesions and when medical history, stroboscopic findings, and tactile feedback are not presented.
Figures 10(a)-10(f) show the stroboscopic phase trajectory [23] of the full-system as well as the transient fixed points curves under different reference voltages in two and three dimensions.
In Section 3, we investigate the existence and stability of the disease-free periodic solution by using the method of differential inequality, qualitative analysis, a discrete dynamical system determined by the stroboscopic map, and comparison theorem.
MS3 will also take digital photos by means of a stroboscopic, high-resolution digital photographic module and then combine them with the LiDAR data to create more realistic 3-D images.
For Cendrars, and for other poets since, cinematic thinking was a way to apply a complex, stroboscopic structure to dream and memory fragments that themselves lacked any abstraction or metaphysics.
One of the finest works is Olafur Eliasson's Model for a timeless garden, 2011, a set of fountains whose droplets appears frozen in midair by the effects of stroboscopic lamps in a pitch black room.
Another method is to use a stroboscopic system and a standard CCD and was thought to have potential for the amateur astronomer.
Some have used video stroboscopic examination, ultrasonography14, voice handicap index and even histological examination of vocal cords (in a study involving cat model) for assessment of results of both therapeutic modalities.