line of Gennari

(redirected from stripe of Gennari)

line of Gen·na·ri

a prominent white line appearing in perpendicular sections of the visual cortex (Brodmann area 17) at about midthickness of the cortical gray matter, corresponding to the particularly well-developed outer line of Baillarger of that cortical area, and composed largely of tangentially disposed intracortical association fibers.
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Francesco, Italian anatomist, 1750-1795.
Gennari band - Synonym(s): line of Gennari
Gennari stria - Synonym(s): line of Gennari
line of Gennari - a prominent white line appearing in perpendicular sections of the visual cortex. Synonym(s): Gennari band; Gennari stria; stripe of Gennari
stripe of Gennari - Synonym(s): line of Gennari
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The team of Robert Trampel and colleagues found that blind people develop the Stripe of Gennari - a bundle of nerve fibers that develops even in those who are blind from birth and does not degenerate - which might contribute to an enhanced sense of touch and support fast reading of Braille.
The Stripe of Gennari - also known as the 'Stria of Gennari' - transverses the gray matter of the primary visual cortex as a distinct white line.
"Although the visual cortex is one of the best-studied parts of the brain, and the Stripe of Gennari is a rather obvious structure, why it develops and what its function is has not previously been studied in detail," said Trampel.
However, the team has found that it can't be the only function of the stripe of Gennari.
In the blind, the Stripe of Gennari could play a role in supporting the sense of touch, the scientists speculate.