Surgical procedure for widening a structured segment of intestine that involves incision and closure in opposing directions.
[stricture + G. plastos, formed]
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Resection of the segments involved with anastomosis is the definitive treatment; however there has been report of the use of stricturoplasty for this condition (8).
Surgical options in gastroduodenal Crohn's disease include bypass surgery with gastrojejunostomy (with or without vagotomy), commonly to bypass a duodenal stricture, gastroduodenostomy, duodenojejunostomy, and stricturoplasty (5, 9, 10).
Certain patients with obstructive duodenal Crohn's disease may be candidates for duodenal stricturoplasty (10, 34), although repeat surgery rates tend to be higher in those patients treated with stricturoplasty than in those treated with bypass surgery (9, 31, 32).
SAN DIEGO -- Stricturoplasty deserves to be considered the treatment of choice for diffuse Crohn's jejunoileitis, Dr.
Obstructive symptoms were relieved in 93% of 123 patients who had diffuse Crohn's jejunoileitis and underwent stricturoplasty at the Cleveland Clinic.
The need for better understanding of stricture formation in Crohn disease is further indicated by the successful application of more conservative therapeutic approaches, including stricturoplasty, (11) and inhibition of tumor necrosis factor-alpha by using a chimeric monoclonal antibody.