Surgical procedure for widening a structured segment of intestine that involves incision and closure in opposing directions.
[stricture + G. plastos, formed]
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A variety of interventional procedures ranging from simple drainage to stricturoplasty and others like Roux- en-Y hepaticojejunostomy8 have been proposed for the management of bile duct injuries.
More recently stricturoplasty has been introduced to deal with fibrotic strictures.
Resection of the segments involved with anastomosis is the definitive treatment; however there has been report of the use of stricturoplasty for this condition (8).
Stricturoplasty for Crohn's disease: Techniques and long term results.
Stricturoplasty is a procedure that widens a segment of the intestine that has become too narrow, without removing any portion of the small intestine.
SAN DIEGO -- Stricturoplasty deserves to be considered the treatment of choice for diffuse Crohn's jejunoileitis, Dr.
The need for better understanding of stricture formation in Crohn disease is further indicated by the successful application of more conservative therapeutic approaches, including stricturoplasty, (11) and inhibition of tumor necrosis factor-alpha by using a chimeric monoclonal antibody.
5) Strictures can be treated by stricturoplasty (Katariya et al, 1977) (19) and can be done even in emergency.
The surgical procedures were individualised to the cases and included resection of the affected gut segment and exteriorisation of the ends, or primary end-to-end anastomosis, stricturoplasty, adhenolysis or biopsy.
Surgical procedure Adhesiolysis 34 Resection and anastomosis of bowel 30 Stricturoplasty 16 Ladd procedure for malrotation with Appendicectomy 9 Reduction of intussussception with/without Appendicectomy 5 Eneterotomy with worm extraction 2 Inguinal exploration and herniorraphy 2 Appendicectomy 2 Note: Table made from pie chart.
Surgical treatment: On completion of medical treatment, symptomatic strictures are treated by stricturoplasty or limited ileocolic resection with anastomosis between the terminal ileum and ascending colon.