strict isolation

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strict i·so·la·tion

(strikt ī'sŏ-lā'shŭn)
Isolation required for patients with highly contagious diseases.
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It was found that FlexE-based network slicing could ensure strict isolation between network slices to guarantee service quality.
Jessica had her transplant but was very poorly over Christmas and was kept in strict isolation.
Dog B, who was aged <12 weeks at the time and had not received an initial dose of rabies vaccine, was vaccinated against rabies and placed in strict isolation * for 90 days, followed by 90 days of home confinement (Table).
Strict isolation of affected sheep from the healthy flock and confined them in a separate shed for regular treatment of affected flock should be done.
Regulation stipulates that Class 3 and 4 laboratories are required to adhere to strict isolation and ventilation requirements which make the use of all other high powered MRI scanners impossible.
Four-handed dental procedures using strict isolation including dental dams, coupled with strict adherence to manufacturer's recommendations during sealant placement were used, which may have significantly impacted sealant retention.
uk There has never been any transmission of Ebola in the community in the UK and this gives reassurance that the 21-day rule is safe within the community rather than in a quarantine or strict isolation.
Prison authorities kept Calabrese in strict isolation after he was accused of threatening a prosecutor during his trial in the same Chicago courthouse, allegedly mouthing to the government attorney: ''You are a .
The news came after Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital said in a statement on Monday that an unnamed patient, who had been placed in strict isolation, was being tested for the virus.
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas has admitted a patient into strict isolation to be evaluated for potential Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), based on the patient's symptoms and recent travel history," a statement by Texas Health Resources said.
BRITISH Ebola victim William Pooley will be kept in strict isolation behind plastic sheeting for weeks while doctors battle to save his life, experts have said.