dorsal striatum

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dorsal striatum

those portions of the caudate nucleus and especially the putamen located generally superior to a plane representing the anterior commissure; also called the dorsal basal ganglia; may function in motor activities with cognitive origins.
Synonym(s): striatum dorsale [TA]


(stri-a'tum) [L., grooved]
The caudate nucleus and the putamen, two large nuclei deep in each cerebral hemisphere that appear distinct but are connected anteriorly and are histologically and functionally a single entity. The striatum and the globus pallidus are the core components of the basal ganglia. Synonym: corpus striatum; Synonym: dorsal striatum.

dorsal striatum


ventral striatum

The nucleus accumbens plus the olfactory tubercle at the base of the cerebral hemisphere. These regions are part of the limbic circuitry.
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