striate keratopathy

stri·ate ker·a·top·a·thy

corneal stromal edema with formation of criss-cross tracts.
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Hypertonic saline was used in cases of striate keratopathy.
Other complications seen were striate keratopathy in 2 cases, irregular pupil in 2 cases.
The cornea had striate keratopathy with stromal corneal oedema.
Particular attention was paid to condition of filtering bleb, cornea for striate keratopathy or edema, anterior chamber for depth and contents, pupil for reaction and shape, and lens.
Striate keratopathy was present in 2% cases in M-MSICS group while it was present in 15% cases in C-MSICS group (statistically significant, p value 0.
This can be explained from the fact the incidence of postoperative striate keratopathy was very less in MMSICS group.
Most common postoperative complication among 2 groups was striate keratopathy which was 19% in oblique and 14% in superior group.
The striate keratopathy that occurred in this study was of mild degree.
9 %, 86 eyes), and striate keratopathy (12%, 50 eyes).
9 %), and striate keratopathy (12 %), unlike in the study by Desai P et al wherein the most common complication was corneal edema (9.