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increasing something in one of its dimensions; extending. See exercise.


A massage technique that consists of pulling a body region or extremity away from its most anatomically neutral position. Stretching may occur with (active) or without (passive) the patient’s help.


Sports medicine An activity that ideally precedes exercise and is intended to keep the muscles supple and improve the joints' range of motion; in some exercises–eg, yoga, stretching is the exercise; a therapeutic maneuver designed to elongate shortened soft tissue structures and thereby ↑ flexibility. See Ballistic stretching. Cf Aerobic exercise.

Patient discussion about stretching

Q. How to prevent Stretch Marks? I am pregnant and am starting to get Stretch Marks. How can I stop them?

A. Stretch Marks are hereditary and some women get it while others don't. There are special creams out there in order to prevent stretch marks, however I recommend you take a good moisturizing cream and rub it on your stomach and anywhere else that you need to, every night after the bath.

Q. I want to know why do all pregnant woman get stretch marks and how to treat them? I have given birth to a baby boy recently….it is joyous time on Christmas Eve. This is my second baby. During my previous delivery I didn’t get any stretch mark but now. I want to know why do all pregnant woman get stretch marks and how to treat them?

A. not all women get stretchmarks during pregnancy. some women get them without being pregnant.

Q. Are these stretch marks very common and how to avoid them? I mean which cream to be used? I am in my 8 th month. Everything is going good. Just a worry came when I saw one woman having stretch marks. Are these stretch marks very common and how to avoid them? I mean which cream to be used?

A. Hi , this is my 2nd baby. During the last pregnancy I had stretch marks. I have seen some ladies, who do not have at all. I met one woman with 4 children she did not have any. One of my friend; had in the very first pregnancy. There are creams available for use by pregnant woman before and after pregnancy to avoid stretch marks altogether.

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They also worked with researchers at Samsung to coat the contact lens with a stretchy conductor then placed the light-emitting diode on it.
The researchers also discovered that hagfish threads are super stretchy, tripling in length before breaking.
Paul Speert, CEO of Stretchy Covers, says "The name change is extremely important to our clients and vendors moving forward and we wanted to be sure no interruptions in service were created.
To get there, however, Rogers's team would have to figure out how to make the material stretchy. After looking at placing the circuits directly on materials that are elastic like rubber, Rogers's team found a more elegant solution.
The jacket is a "hybrid shell" that integrates the best of all worlds with a three-layer design that's breathable, waterproof, windproof, soft and stretchy. GoLite President Demetri Couponas dubbed it "the storm shell of the future." Founded in 1999, GoLite is a market leader in the "ultra-light" backpacking niche, specializing in packs, shelters, clothing and other gear--all of it weighing next to nothing.
Activities using manipulatives required the students to toss a beanbag from hand to hand, play woodblocks with a mallet and pull a stretchy band back and forth.
For thin, stretchy films, apply a negative tension taper, starting high, dropping rapidly, and flattening as the roll gets full.
From the waist up he is boyishly taut and lifted, yet stretchy and surprisingly double-jointed in the limbs.
Published on the anniversary of Mexican Independence Day, the country where rubber was first put to practical use, this fun, flexible book celebrates the history of the world's most bouncy, stretchy, naughty, squeaky, biodegradable and renewable material.
In 1931, a mini-manufacturing revolution took place when a new blend of elastic and cotton fibers allowed suppliers to create stretchy and washable bras, which pumped life into a dismal Depressionera undergarments industry.
Recognizing that yoga can be as much about sweating as serenity, clothing designers employ stretchy, moisture-wicking polyester blends instead of cotton, which, while softer, tends to cling and chill when it gets wet.
The toy is a liquid-filled ball attached to a stretchy cord with a finger loop at the end.