stretch mark

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stretch mark

A shiny line on the skin of the abdomen, breasts, thighs, or buttocks that is often lighter than the surrounding skin and is caused by the stretching and weakening of elastic tissues usually as a result of pregnancy or weight gain.
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'stretch mark'

A purplish vertical 'stripe' on the lower abdomen, thighs, iliac crests and breasts in pregnancy and after corticosteroid excess; such marks whiten after birth, but remain as lasting reminders of an expanded abdomen
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stretch mark

(strech mahrk)
Colloquial usage for striae cutis distensae (q.v.).
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Patient discussion about stretch mark

Q. How to prevent Stretch Marks? I am pregnant and am starting to get Stretch Marks. How can I stop them?

A. Stretch Marks are hereditary and some women get it while others don't. There are special creams out there in order to prevent stretch marks, however I recommend you take a good moisturizing cream and rub it on your stomach and anywhere else that you need to, every night after the bath.

Q. I want to know why do all pregnant woman get stretch marks and how to treat them? I have given birth to a baby boy recently….it is joyous time on Christmas Eve. This is my second baby. During my previous delivery I didn’t get any stretch mark but now. I want to know why do all pregnant woman get stretch marks and how to treat them?

A. not all women get stretchmarks during pregnancy. some women get them without being pregnant.

Q. Are these stretch marks very common and how to avoid them? I mean which cream to be used? I am in my 8 th month. Everything is going good. Just a worry came when I saw one woman having stretch marks. Are these stretch marks very common and how to avoid them? I mean which cream to be used?

A. Hi , this is my 2nd baby. During the last pregnancy I had stretch marks. I have seen some ladies, who do not have at all. I met one woman with 4 children she did not have any. One of my friend; had in the very first pregnancy. There are creams available for use by pregnant woman before and after pregnancy to avoid stretch marks altogether.

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She recommends a number of products, including some that can minimise the appearance of existing stretch marks. "At the Vale spa we use a lot of Clarins products, and Clarins Tonic Oil has been clinically tested and proven to help maintain elasticity and skin tone.
Adding to the confusion surrounding stretch marks are the inflated treatment claims of products on the market.
A study just completed on a vitamin C cream called Cellex-C provides evidence that it also improves the appearance of stretch marks when used in combination with glycolic acid.
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With an eye on safety and premium ingredients, the independent family-owned company is best known for their bestselling tummy butter and pregnancy stretch mark oil, a favorite amongst new moms and celebrities.
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For a pounds 25 booking fee (redeemable against the purchase of two or more Decleor products made on the day of your appointment) enjoy an hour-long, aromessence massage by an expert therapist with either firming, stretch mark or rejuvenating cream to gain a fantastic glow in a luxurious private room.
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