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(stres'ŏrs, -ōrs),
1. Any urge, force, or pressure (that is, deleterious force) brought to bear on a person, bodily system, or governmental or private health care system or structure, such that the entity subject to such duress reacts in a manner that either perverts or transmutes its normal function.
2. In endocrinology, any force that threatens homeostasis.
[ stress + -or, agent suffix]
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This study points to an association between interpersonal stressors and binge drinking, but there are sample and data limitations that should be recognized.
Recent research has noted the parallel process that can occur as psychologists face their own set of stressors, which may be similar to their clients, while also experiencing the stress that is unique to being a patient caregiver (Wise, Hersh, & Gibson, 2012).
In other words, he established the fact that stress response to a stressor is wear and tear of the body.
In reply, this study aims to bridge the research lines on work-related and individual-related antecedents of workplace bullying by investigating the interaction between work stressors (i.e., workload, job insecurity, role conflict, and role ambiguity) and employees' coping strategies (i.e., problem- and emotion-focused) in association to exposure to workplace bullying.
However, a lack of ability to manage information, information ambiguity and ambiguity regarding quality of one's own work emerged as the major stressors in this study, which have not previously been commonly highlighted by past researches.
To educate men on the impact physical and environmental stressors are placing on their hair, Dove Men+Care Hair created the Real Life Tested video, which showcases all of the stressors professional skateboarder and real dad Andy Schrock puts his hair through simply by juggling a busy schedule with being a caring dad.
Therefore, this research aims to determine the recurrent stressors for the Egyptian hospitality workforce based on individual characteristics such as gender, job level and marital status, thus providing better insight into the WS of Egyptian hotel employees at present.
On top of these obvious stressors, with Boris 55 and Carrie 31, there's a 24-year age gap.
The light at night on itself might not have too much of a negative effect on its own, however, since wildlife rarely encounter just one stressor in their natural habitat, the combination of light pollution with additional stressors may have negative impacts on amphibian populations, researchers explained.
Comparative cross sectional survey was conducted to identify the main stressors and perceptional differences among first and final year students.
This study was focused on medical students as preliminary attempt to identify stressors and level of stress by Medical Student Stressor questionnaire (MSSQ) and scoring on it.
[2] Prevalence of stress in medical students worldwide as put forward by a meta-analysis is 28% as compared with age-matched peers and non-medical students probably due to stressors such as academic pressure, workload, financial hardships, and sleep deprivation in medical education.