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On the other side of the spectrum, Stuttgart in Germany ranks as the world's least stressful city, followed by Luxembourg, Hanover, Bern and Munich.
But exposure to stressful episodes could feasibly speed up this process, producing accelerated or more pronounced decline.
That told us something else was going on--that it wasn't just the accumulation of stressful events but that there was a differential vulnerability.
Dr Doug Brown, director of research and development at the Alzheimer's Society, said: "It remains to be established whether these stressful events can lead to an increased risk of dementia.
Here are the options voted for by home buyers when asked by Tepilo's researchers which aspects of the buying/selling process they find the most stressful (people were allowed to choose three options): Moving day: 42% Deciding on how much to offer on a property: 31% Getting a mortgage agreed in principle: 28% Deciding on which solicitor to use and how much is a fair fee: 27% Deciding on how much extra to offer over your original offer if it is rejected: 23% Deciding on the type of mortgage you want to go for: 20% Deciphering the results of the survey once they come back through: 21% Deciding on which type of survey to have done: 17% Signing the contracts: 16% Agreeing on the fixtures and fittings to be included as part of the sale: 15%
Don't automatically give up when confronted by a stressor: Make an effort to examine your options and look for ways to change stressful situations.
Rather than let a stressful experience escalate, learn how to keep your stress levels in check all the time.
The survey ranked the insurance sector as the most stressful field of work for employees in Russia.
Coping styles: Optimism and pessimism: Some people seem predisposed to believe they can maintain control over stressful situations.
THEY'RE supposed to be relaxing, but holidays can quickly become stressful when boisterous children are involved.
Samuel L Jackson has a stressful flight to endure | Samuel L Jackson has a stressful flight to endure
The more stressful events there were, the higher the dementia risk became.