stress riser

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stress ris·er

(stres rīz'ĕr),
A mechanical defect, such as a hole, in bone or other materials, which concentrates stress in the area and increases the risk of failure of the bone or material at that site.
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Given the clinical history and radiographic findings, we propose that the rigid design of the knee brace protects the knee but may transfer the force proximally, creating a stress riser for cantilever bending.
After the main bearings became loose, the bearing tangs wore and the main bearing in the #2 position started to come apart, allowing the other half of the bearing to move and ride up into the crankshaft radius, creating a stress riser. The crankshaft broke at the #2 main journal.
In these cases, we recommend the transition to the narrower conductor take place approximately 0.050" to 0.100" into the rigid section to avoid a potential mechanical stress riser in the flex portion of the part.
The weakening of the proximal bony support can lead to a stress riser between the region without bone ingrowth and the distal well-fixed femoral disphysis.
Tibial plateau fracture after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: role of the interference screw resorption in the stress riser effect.
Patients with DHS were not allowed to return to the training, even after the union of their fractures because of the possible stress riser effect of the DHS.
To date, the company has identified three contributing factors - the presence of a stress riser, differential soil settlement, and excessive stress at the bottom of the pipe.
Additional details using FIB showed that Pd did not form an alloy Pd/Pb with the lead, and secondly, the alloy Pd/Sn that was formed remained segregated in clusters on top of the Ni/Sn alloy, creating a stress riser. This segregation allowed irregularities and did not control the propagation of the Ni/Sn IMC formation, contributing to its lack of robustness when subjected to the conditions of testing (FIGURE 1).
Intersections of the water lines, threaded areas, and sharp corners or notches are areas where the tensile stress can be elevated (called a stress riser).
In some cases, the marking process left too great an impact on the fabricated steel and challenged the highly critical fine line between an accurate impression and one that created a stress riser. Other processes we considered marked too lightly, and failed to retain a clear and readable mark on the steel once the fabricated member was finished with the required three coats of paint."
In addition, during thermal cycles any undispersed silicon in aluminum-silicon wire may enlarge and serve as a stress riser, making the wire prone to crack and fail.
Sideplates are a fully bolted construction that reduces/eliminates crack propagation due to stress riser in the steel caused by welding and provide the ability to quickly replace worn components without cutting.