streptococcal sore throat

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sore throat

 [sor thrōt]
1. inflammation of the throat; called also faucitis.
clergyman's sore throat loss of the voice from overuse, as by clergymen; called also dysphonia clericorum.
streptococcal sore throat a sore throat caused by a streptococcus; see also streptococcal sore throat.


pertaining to or due to a streptococcus.
streptococcal sore throat “strep throat,” a sore throat caused by a streptococcus; symptoms are more severe than in ordinary sore throat and may include high fever, swelling of lymph nodes of the neck, and a rash. Treatment is usually with antibiotics. See also rheumatic fever.

streptococcal sore throat

Pharyngitis caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococci.
See: scarlet fever
See also: sore throat

Patient discussion about streptococcal sore throat

Q. My friend think she has strep in her throat. What should she do. She doesn't want to take antibiotics. Her glands are swollen and she feels kinda out of it. Any more information or links would be greatly appreciated.

A. she should go to a Dr. that will take a look and a swab of the area. if he'll suspect a Strep. he'll give her antibiotics before getting results. it's important to follow antibiotic instructions ("10 days, 3 times a day"..).those infection can progress to other organs like the heart valves (very common) and cause chronic heart failure.

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Mainly infections like 'flu or a streptococcal sore throat. Surface chemicals on the germs can alter lectins to make them highly allergenic - and possibly responsible for starting off diabetes and arthritis.
(5) The second pillar is primary prevention through treatment of suspected streptococcal sore throat with penicillin, based on a syndromic approach to the assessment of pharyngitis.