streptococcal pneumonia

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strep·to·coc·cal pneu·mo·ni·a

pneumonia due to Streptococcus pyogenes.
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* The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Streptococcal Pneumonia
Streptococcal pneumonia: recent outbreaks in military recruit populations.
For instance, Mann illustrates a short discussion of serious staphylococcal infections with the case of the puppeteer Jim Henson (who actually died of a fulminant group A streptococcal pneumonia); he misstates the name of the first neuraminidase inhibitor to be marketed for influenza infections (the drug is zanamivir, not anamivir, and warrants nowhere near the degree of enthusiasm lavished on it); he warns that the major toxicity of the tetracycline family of drugs is copious gastrointestinal blood loss (upset, yes; bleeding, no).
Marsh couple Neil and Rachael Salmon started the trust after the sudden death of their three-year-old son Joseph from streptococcal pneumonia in April 2005.
Joseph, who was three, died from streptococcal pneumonia, an infection and inflammation of the lungs.
They did it in memory of Mark's nephew Joseph, three, from Marsh, who died in April of streptococcal pneumonia.
Joseph, of Marsh, died in April after suddenly being struck down by streptococcal pneumonia in his sleep.
Joseph, three, from Marsh, died in April of streptococcal pneumonia.
Classic streptococcal pneumonias begin with sudden onset of cough, fever, shaking chills and sometimes chest pain.

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