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1. Streptococcus.
2. Informal Strep throat.
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Abbrev. for STREPTOCOCCUS, streptococci or streptococcal.
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Patient discussion about strep

Q. What Is Streptococcal Pneumonia? I have heard that I might have streptococcal pneumonia. What exactly does that mean?

A. Streptococcal pneumonia is a disease caused by the streptoccus bacteria. It is one of the most common causes of pneumonia in healthy people. You can learn more about bacterial pneumonia here-

Q. My friend think she has strep in her throat. What should she do. She doesn't want to take antibiotics. Her glands are swollen and she feels kinda out of it. Any more information or links would be greatly appreciated.

A. she should go to a Dr. that will take a look and a swab of the area. if he'll suspect a Strep. he'll give her antibiotics before getting results. it's important to follow antibiotic instructions ("10 days, 3 times a day"..).those infection can progress to other organs like the heart valves (very common) and cause chronic heart failure.

Q. 5 year old son diagnosed with streptococcus must I give him antibiotics? He is 5 years old and never received antibiotics before. He feels good and does not complain of any problem. The doctor said he should take antibiotics for 10 days. Is it mandatory?

A. Thanks a lot for your help, I will follow your advice.

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"The idea that one dose fits everyone breaks down when you have bad strep throat."
Comment: The researchers concluded children with a positive strep test may return to school the day after starting amoxicillin treatment if they have no fever and are feeling well.
In mid-January, Meijer announced that via the research project it's working with Ferris State University and the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy to study rapid diagnostic testing and how medicines are administered to patients for flu and strep throat in pharmacies.
As a first step, Fine and Mandl turned to the records of more than 70,000 sore-throat patients who got strep tests and their symptoms were recorded at CVS MinuteClinics in six states from 2006 to 2008.
GAS was recovered from only one toothbrush, which had been used by a patient without strep throat.
A recent survey by Bounty Parenting Club discovered 42 per cent of women who were aware of Group B Strep learned about it from a magazine or book.
In order to develop a portable, rapid and cheap diagnosis procedure for identify the Strep. agalactiae with suitable sensitivity and specificity for small-scale dairy producer all over the world, a set of primers based on Strep.
Millan for Group B Strep during her prenatal treatment as she requested; (3) exposed Twin A to Group B Strep for an unsafe period of time by allowing Ms.
But enough evidence exists to suggest a link between acute strep infections and the onset of pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections (PANDAS), said Dr.