strawberry mark

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a spot, blemish, or other circumscribed area visible on the skin or a mucous membrane.
raspberry mark (strawberry mark) congenital hemangioma.

strawberry mark

A raised shiny red nevus or birthmark, occurring usually on the face or scalp and resembling a strawberry.
A raised, irregular, bright-red capillary haemangioma or reactive proliferation of small subdermal vessels seen in infancy, which expands aggressively for several years and then involutes or disappears—90% are gone by age 7
Management Excision if necessary or high-dose prednisone

straw·ber·ry ne·vus

, strawberry mark (straw'ber-ē nē'vŭs, mahrk)
A small nevus vascularis (capillary hemangioma) resembling a strawberry in size, shape, and color; it usually disappears spontaneously in early childhood.
See also: capillary hemangioma
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Having not had early laser treatment, baby Emma - now 10 months old - may face corrective surgery to remove her strawberry mark if it hasn't sufficiently shrunk by the New Year.