strawberry mark

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a spot, blemish, or other circumscribed area visible on the skin or a mucous membrane.
raspberry mark (strawberry mark) congenital hemangioma.

strawberry mark

A raised shiny red nevus or birthmark, occurring usually on the face or scalp and resembling a strawberry.

strawberry hemangioma, strawberry mark

A raised, irregular, bright-red capillary haemangioma or reactive proliferation of small subdermal vessels seen in infancy, which expands aggressively for several years and then involutes or disappears—90% are gone by age 7
Management Excision if necessary or high-dose prednisone

straw·ber·ry ne·vus

, strawberry mark (straw'ber-ē nē'vŭs, mahrk)
A small nevus vascularis (capillary hemangioma) resembling a strawberry in size, shape, and color; it usually disappears spontaneously in early childhood.
See also: capillary hemangioma

strawberry mark

a local granulomatous nodule in the intestinal wall of pigs caused by the deep penetration of the proboscis of Macrocanthoryncus hirudinaceus.
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By the time she attended her third appointment, the mark had grown into a lump which would no longer respond to laser treatment and Jenny went through months of guilt as she watched Emma's strawberry mark grow and grow.
Having not had early laser treatment, baby Emma - now 10 months old - may face corrective surgery to remove her strawberry mark if it hasn't sufficiently shrunk by the New Year.