neuroepithelial layer of retina

(redirected from stratum neuroepitheliale retinae)

neu·ro·ep·i·the·li·al lay·er of ret·i·na

the outermost layer of the cerebral layer of retina, composed of the primary receptor cells of the retina; this area consists of two layers: 1) a layer of inner and outer segments [TA] made up of the rods and cones, the photosensitive processes of the receptor cells, and 2) the outer nuclear layer [TA] containing the cell bodies of these cells; the outer limiting membrane (outer limiting layer [TA]) forms a perforated supporting plate between the two sublayers; the name signifies that the retinal receptor cells are a specialized form of (epithelial) ependyma cell and thus, in a sense, are comparable with the neuroepithelial cells (for example, hair cells) of other sense organs.
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