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 [stra´tum, strat´um] (L.)
a sheetlike mass of tissue; see also lamina and layer.
stratum basa´le the deepest layer of the epidermis, composed of a single layer of basophilic cells. Called also basal layer of epidermis.
stratum cor´neum the outer horny layer of the epidermis, consisting of cells that are dead and desquamating. Called also horny layer.
stratum germinati´vum
1. the stratum basalis and stratum spinosum considered together; called also malpighian layer.
2. the lower layer of the nail, from which the nail grows; called also germinative layer.
stratum granulo´sum the cell layer of the epidermis lying between the stratum lucidum and the stratum spinosum. Called also granular layer.
1. the deep layer of the cortex of the cerebellum.
2. the layer of follicle cells lining the theca of the vesicular ovarian follicle; called also granular layer.
stratum lu´cidum the clear translucent layer of the epidermis, just beneath the stratum corneum. Called also clear layer.
stratum spino´sum the layer of the epidermis between the stratum granulosum and stratum basalis, marked by the presence of prickle cells; called also spinous layer and prickle-cell layer.
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, gen.


, pl.


(strat'ŭm, tă; strā'tŭm; tī), The correct plural of this word is strata, not strati or stratae.
One of the layers of differentiated tissue, the aggregate of which forms any given structure, such as the retina or the skin.
See also: lamina, layer.
[L. sterno, pp. stratus, to spread out, strew, ntr. of pp. as noun, stratum, a bed cover, layer]
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(strā′təm, străt′əm)
n. pl. stra·ta (-tə) or stra·tums
Biology A layer of tissue: the epithelial stratum.

stra′tal (strāt′l) adj.
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, pl. strata (strā'tŭm, -tă)
One of the layers of differentiated tissue, the aggregate of which forms any given structure, such as the retina or the skin.
See also: lamina, layer
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, pl. strata (strā'tŭm, -tă)
One of the layers of differentiated tissue, the aggregate of which forms any given structure.
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