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Brown, "The diagenetic origin of stratiform copper mineralization, Coates Lake, Redstone copper belt, N.
The region of aircraft icing had stratiform clouds with weak updrafts.
5), nocturnal rain rates exceeding 5 [mmh.sup.-1] suggest mixed rainfall at Chamis rain gauge that is partly of a stratiform and partly of an embedded convective nature.
The rain forms are classified into two: stratiform (R < 12 mm/h) and convective (R [greater than or equal to] 12 mm/h).
The team broke through this cloud conundrum by removing errors from cloud records and using multiple data sources for the northeast Pacific Ocean, one of the most well-studied areas of low-level stratiform clouds in the world.
Brown, A.C., 1992, Sediment-hosted stratiform copper deposits: Geoscience Canada, v.
Basically, the boy-actor tradition added a stratiform complexity to characterisation and the plays by extension.
This would reverse (seemingly) the order of precedence - convective elements with negative discharges initially, leadi ng to stratiform, anvil-like portions with positive discharges subsequently, We will hereby reexamine some factors that might contaminate these data, falling broadly in two areas: 1) Confusion with, or synchronous intracloud flashes, and 2) Instrument detection limitations.
While erosivity is present for many months beginning late April through early October, it is quite small due to the nature of stratiform rainfall in this region generated from moist easterly on-shore flows.
But Swain moves quickly to a different conclusion by proposing instead a "stratiform aesthetic [that] should imply no condescension ...