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"Are you still here, stranger," said he, "to pester people by begging about the house?
STRANGER Heed then; I fain would see thee out of harm; For by the looks, marred though they be by fate, I judge thee noble; tarry where thou art, While I go seek the burghers--those at hand, Not in the city.
"Nay," answered the stranger, "then stand back shine own self, for the better man, I wet, am I."
He wheeled to face an utter stranger--a tall, black-haired, gray-eyed stranger clad in khaki and pith helmet.
It was commenced by the Stranger with some impatience at the lengthiness of my introductory process.
"Sir," he continued, addressing the stranger, "I think it would be better if you would remove your chair to the other end of the veranda.
Meantime, now the stranger was still beseeching his poor boon of Ahab; and Ahab still stood like an anvil, receiving every shock, but without the least quivering of his own.
But he was no sooner started across than he saw a tall stranger coming from the other side.
"Felix seemed ravished with delight when he saw her, every trait of sorrow vanished from his face, and it instantly expressed a degree of ecstatic joy, of which I could hardly have believed it capable; his eyes sparkled, as his cheek flushed with pleasure; and at that moment I thought him as beautiful as the stranger. She appeared affected by different feelings; wiping a few tears from her lovely eyes, she held out her hand to Felix, who kissed it rapturously and called her, as well as I could distinguish, his sweet Arabian.
No," returned the stranger, "but once and away, and on a Saturday night too.
The stranger looked at him again with a slight smile, and retiring from the window, came out of the hostelry with a slow step, and placed himself before the horse, within two paces of D'Artagnan.
The young man, wishing to spare his employer the pain of this interview, questioned the new-comer; but the stranger declared that he had nothing to say to M.