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adjective Heterosexual; not gay.
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Heterosexual, see there.
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Q. how do i do blood test? and how do i read it straight and what conclusions can i get out of it?

A. In order to do a blood test you must get a referral from your doctor. You can conclude many things from a simple blood test- for instance, if you are suffering from anemia, an infection, high levels of fat ro cholesterol, sugar levels and more.

Q. How do i keep my fitness straight and steady? What are the most common methods for good and healthy body/fitness ?

A. stop using elevators :)
there are hundreds of types of sports. i think the best advise to you- find the one that doesn't do damage and you like doing. if you'll like it you won't quit so fast.

Q. My son is complaining about back pain. I also see that his back isn't straight. What can we do? My son is a adorable 8 years old. He is complaining about back pain, that bothers him after he walks a little. I also saw that his back isn't straight and looks like a S. is this deformity connected to his back pain?

A. The normal shape of the spine is very similar to the "S" shape as you can see here
But even if his back isn't deformated, he has back pain and you need to take care of that by going to your pediatrician.

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I can drag the bait down in one straightaway; do a deep wide turn; then speed up while pulling the lure toward the surface.
Then it's another glorious straightaway as we finally see King Estate high on that hill, like a palace, off to the right.
Raceway terrain is ideal for the onlooker.The 1.9-mile roughly circular track has a hilly infield that's fine for family picnicking, with excellent views of the track's curves and straightaways.
We are trying to maintain and improve his fitness by managing him not with caution, but also not to rush him straightaway.
ONE in seven parents taking first-year students to university will stay overnight - because they cannot bear to leave them straightaway.
He said: "If people see blood in their wee, even if it is just the one time, they need to see their GP straightaway. GPs then need to act on this immediately and refer the patient to a urologist for assessment."
Callers' symptoms are assessed and they are given the health care advice they need or are directed straightaway to the right service.
Speaking after the incident, Traffic Constable Neil Cholmondeley, of North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group, said: "If you witnessed the collision or saw either of the vehicles involved prior to the incident, I urge you to contact the police straightaway."
Stressing that beacons should not be allowed to be flaunted as a status symbol, the court said there was no hindrance to the government withdrawing the privilege straightaway and giving a signal that everybody was equal.
"Patients and families know they have a voice and we know straightaway what we are getting right and what we need to improve, so that we can ensure our patient care is the very best it can be.
They are giving a third of the scholarship straightaway and full scholarship to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes.