complex shank

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com·plex shank

(kŏm-pleks shangk)
Shank bent in two planes (front-to-back and side-to-side) to facilitate instrumentation of posterior teeth.
Synonym(s): straight shank.
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Product Sub-Category: Solid carbide straight shank twist drill.
Machine reamers are available with tapered or straight shanks, and with straight or helical flutes.
Drill Twist (straight shank ) 3mm to 6mmEstimated Cost 0.0011.
ER collets and collet accessories includes straight shank and V-flange tooling.
These onions are juicy and sweet, with long straight shanks and tender tops ideal for slicing raw into salads.
Through years of experimentation I've fished circles with straight eyes and offset eyes, and with straight shanks and offset shanks--including many combinations thereof.
Circuit board tools with straight shanks or tools for medical applications can be held directly in the toolholder.
The new collars fit onto chamfer collar collet chucks, available for CT 40, CT50, BT 30, 40, 50, HSK 63A and straight shanks. The chucks use standard DR style collets and are offered in three sizes (DR 20, 25 and 32).
These new tools are available in inch and metric sizes, and feature heat-treated alloy steel straight shanks, with integral pilots and material specific carbide grades.
The EW2-12 offers nine different boring bars and is available with the Kaiser modular KA3 connection or 16-mm straight shanks. Through-coolant is provided at the cutting edge.