straight chain

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straight chain,

n series of carbon atoms found in acyclic organic compounds that are successively linked without any branches.
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Since HDI or other straight chain aliphatic materials are only one of several aliphatic diisocyanates available, other aliphatic materials such as cyclical [H.
Mostly - though not exclusively - the range of fatty acids comprises straight chain acids, with an even number of carbon atoms.
The company is pleased to inform the public and its investors that initial test results confirm the company's ability to fractionalize resid oil into a family of Napholenes and a variety straight chain hydro carbon (alephatics) after being processed through the company's laboratory prototype unit.
This is defined by the twin parameters of the carbon number distribution and the ratio of straight chain to branched chain hydrocarbon present.
But most of the chemicals have been either simple, straight chains of atoms or ringed structures.
Traditional diesel fuel is made up of long, straight chains of carbon atoms, while the molecules that make up gasoline
Polymers can be straight chains of regular repeating monomers, chains of varying length, or chains that branch in multiple directions.
Because straight chains can fit closer together, these fats are more solid.
In almost all of the 14 meteorites we analysed, we found that most of the amino acids had these straight chains, suggesting FTT reactions could have made them," said Burton.
It was a knot whose horoballs lined up into perfectly straight chains.
This is used where the product is in a known discipline location and movement is achieved by feeding the product onto a series of Straight Chains carrying the product to a pre-determined position at the exit end of the Conveyor.