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story line,

n an inner dialogue often instigated by the onset of meditation-related mindfulness; may include thoughts, history, and painful emotions associated with chronic physical pain.
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Sally Dexter, who plays Faith, has spoken of how inspiring she found the storyline and meeting Brigitte.
Emmerdale has tackled a string of sensitive storylines including Ashley Thomas (John Middleton) battling dementia and the death of Holly Barton (Sophie Powles) following a heroin overdose.
Could her new storyline have something to do with her dream of becoming an actress?
listener tongue-incheek, departure marked by an on And that's from a man who has already worked on EastEnders, where he was responsible for shocking storylines like Little Mo's domestic abuse and the Zoe and Kat Slater "You're not my mother
Kerry McGhee, whose father Samuel McGhee, 56, died in the Clutha crash, wrote on the petition: "I'm signing because my father was killed in this accident and I find it disgusting that people want to use it as a storyline.
Ste has had some massive storylines since you joined the soap nine years ago, hasn't he?
Fellow EastEnders cast members Zoe Lucker, Ricky Norwood, Kylie Babbington and Bunmi Mojekwu praised the storyline, all citing EastEnders decision to pursue a progressive agenda.
But the BBC downplayed reports that her departure, in several months, was prompted by the harrowing storyline.
Almost 6,000 complaints have been logged with the BBC over her character's high-profile storyline, which saw Ronnie lose a baby to cot death on New Year's Eve before swapping him with Kat Moon's live newborn.
A show aide said: "Danniella was brought back to EastEnders for a specific storyline and a set amount of time only.
The media watchdog received 116 complaints from viewers about scenes and the storyline - and it found the plot more akin to a dark psychological thriller than a pre-watershed drama.