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story line,

n an inner dialogue often instigated by the onset of meditation-related mindfulness; may include thoughts, history, and painful emotions associated with chronic physical pain.
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Producers even released articles in the news when planning the season so that they could use them to support story lines," Stoltz explained.
Attempting to disprove the abuse-of-power story line of judicial activism will not, however, do the trick for a general public audience.
evil story line, the subtle presentation of biblical themes, and the bonus comic book.
The second story line is that, although the public's position on the No Child Left Behind Act is still evolving, the prediction made by this poll in 2003 is coming true: greater familiarity is not bringing approval.
The main story line was that men didn't have a direct problem with work-family conflict but they sure added to the problem being experienced by women.
When you have a cast where one is ill, one pregnant, one may be in rehab and another in a car crash, that's when you end up being over-dependent on a story line about a kidney transplant.
She is currently at the centre of a tug-of-love story line over her baby, Noah.
An Emmerdale spokeswoman said: ``This really is one of our biggest story lines for a decade and all the cast were involved in it -no character is left unscathed.
Of the two shows, though, Frutkin prefers Sex and the City because when it "tackles a gay story line, the writers seem to be able to make it accessible to all audiences, handling it with dexterity and humor.
The idea that this story line in any way compares to the Who Shot Phil Mitchell saga (or even Who Shot JR) is as stupid as it is offensive.
There are other examples of facts not supporting the dominant story line of the moment.