Storm Surge

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An abnormal rise in sea level accompanying a hurricane, tropical cyclone or other storm over water
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He said the research came out of the need to accurately predict storm surges, given the devastating impact of such events on low-lying areas, noting that most of Jamaica's coastline is prone to storm surge occurrences.
Instead of simply focusing on weather-related warnings, the updated system would highlight the hazards of storm surges, which could enable people to act swiftly in the face of disaster.
Players take the role of an up-andcoming cadet with the fictional Storm Force - an organisation dedicated to researching storm surges to better prepare at-risk locations.
The NHC said life-threatening storm surge is possible along the coasts of the Florida Panhandle, Big Bend and Nature Coast, where storm surge warnings have been raised.
Storm surge was as high as 3.38 meters in Tai Po Kau, Hong Kong."
Lagmay said storm surges occur along coastal areas just as the eye of the typhoon passes the area.
"Extensive data has shown that the global average sea level has risen by eight to nine inches, resulting in an increased severity of storm surge along the U.S.
In an opinion piece entitled "Hurricane Harvey Was No Surprise, " the Times wrote that President Trump "shouldn't have been surprised" by the severity of the storm since "climate science has repeatedly shown that global warming is increasing the odds of extreme precipitation and storm surge flooding.
"There is imminent danger of life-threatening storm surge flooding along much of the Florida west coast, including the Florida Keys, where a storm surge warning is in effect," CNN quoted the hurricane center.
The analysis complements the flood zone information provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and shows that properties located outside of flood zones are still at risk for damage from storm surges, as well as fresh water.
Several major hurricanes and the associated storm surges attack this region for every single year, which result in huge economic loss.
The Bohai Sea is one of China's marginal seas and usually harmed by storm surge. Unlike the other marginal seas, the Bohai Sea is less susceptible to storm surges associated with tropical cyclones, because its latitudes are so high that only a few tropical cyclones are able to move northward far enough to generate storm surges along the coastal regions.