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A liquid balsam obtained from the wood and inner bark of Liquidamber orientalis, a tree of Asia Minor, or L. styraciflua (family Hamamelidaceae); has been used in the treatment of chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes, and externally for scabies.
Synonym(s): styrax
[G. styrax, a sweet-smelling gum]


1. A brownish aromatic resin used in perfume and medicine and obtained from any of several trees of the genus Liquidambar, especially L. orientalis, of Turkey. Also called styrax.
a. See snowbell.
b. An aromatic resin obtained from a Mediterranean species of snowbell. Also called styrax.


A balsam obtained from the scarred trunk of Liquidambar orientalis. It is a component of tincture of benzoin and has been used as an expectorant.

storax (stōrˑ·aks),

n Latin name:
Liquidambar orientalis; parts used: bark, gum, leaves; uses: diuretic, expectorant, diarrhea, sore throat, possible antibacterial properties; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children. Also called
alligator tree, star-leaved gum, sweet gum tree, balsam styracis, liquid amber, opossum tree, red gum, or
white gum.
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