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The characters then led the procession through the crematorium grounds to the service and stood guard as the coffin was carried into the chapel.
Officers stood guard at the front and back of properties, while children played in the street before going to school.
Troops armed with automatic weapons have stood guard over their rehearsals.
Police stood guard at heartbroken Ernie's house as a huge hunt continued for the boy.
The women say the agent's supervisor looked on and stood guard while the assault occurred.
Weprin and Jane lived in a Greenwich Village brownstone where a stuffed gorilla stood guard and now sits shiva in the window.
The dacoits made Aamir and Shafiq hostage at gunpoint while their accomplice stood guard outside the shop.
The soliders also stood guard during Tropical Storm Irene last year, and even though they were told they could seek shelter, they refused to to, ( NPR reported.
Police officers also stood guard outside a house in Caldercliffe Road, Berry Brow, where the arrests were made.
And a police officer stood guard on the door of the terraced house.
Uniformed officers stood guard outside the Stable Road Business Park in Shotts, Lanarkshire, while the site was searched.
A uniformed officer stood guard outside the terraced property as forensic officers in white suits combed the property for clues and took photos.