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2. a unit of weight in Great Britain, the equivalent of 14 pounds (avoirdupois), or about 6.34 kg.
kidney stone see kidney stone.


1. Synonym(s): calculus
2. A British unit of weight for the human body, equal to 14 pounds.
[A.S. stān]


An abnormal concretion in the body, usually formed of mineral salts and most commonly found in the gallbladder, kidney, or urinary bladder; a calculus.
An indurated material, generally composed of crystallised minerals, or, less commonly, organic materials—e.g., bile, cholesterol


Concrement Medtalk An indurated material, generally composed of crystallized minerals, les commonly, organic materials–eg, bile, cholesterol. See Bladder stone, Gallstone, Kidney stone, Magnesium ammonium phosphate stone, Salivary duct stone.


1. Synonym(s): calculus.
2. A British unit of weight for the human body, equal to 14 lb. or 6.36 kg.
[A.S. stān]


1. Synonym(s): calculus.
2. An abrading instrument.
3. A British unit of weight for the human body, equal to 14 pounds.
[A.S. stān]

Patient discussion about stone

Q. Why do i get kidney stones? I am 38 and have had three stones pass so far. Is it the coffee, the meat, the stress, or the damned DNA?! My uncle is in his 50s and has passed over 30 stones!

A. Kidney stones are very common and even without the genetic or familial background people tend to get them. Of course, the more family predisposition you have, the higher are your chances of developing them, which is probably why you did. Also, a diet rich with dairy and calcium can cause your body to store excess calcium, that tends to calcify and create stones. Not drinking enough fluid is also one of the reasons.

Q. how do i cure tonsil stones (tonsiloth)?

A. There are very little literature about this subject, but I heard about treatment in which the crypts (deep and narrow grooves on the tongue in which the stones form) are burned with laser.

As far as I know these stones don't cause damage by themselves so it's not such a common treatment.

You may read more here:

Q. Would kidney stones affect a PSA reading? Would drinking lots of grapefruit juice affect a PSA reading? My husband's PSA reading jumped from a 4.2 to a 17 in @ 2 years' time. How can that be? This man takes all sorts of supplements and really watches his diet. He also takes good care of his body, and does NOT look or act 68.

A. You should get your parathyroid gland checked out. Your calcium level might be causing the kidney stones.

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This is nowhere more evident than in his account of our response to the "earthy" element in the artwork--the stoniness of the temple-work, for example, or the pigmentedness of the yellow pigment that we already described.
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The woody savannahs are not uniform in their structure either, usually showing great horizontal and vertical heterogeneity and forming a mosaic of more open or more closed sites that reflect their ecological history, general vegetation dynamics, local topography, the stoniness of the soil, human land-use history, and the local patterns of fire frequency and intensity.
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A seriously refreshing blend of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Mauzac, and Pinot Noir, with hints of jasmine and tangy grapefruit over an earthy layer of stoniness.
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The main environmental problems of the cooperative are related to the contamination of groundwater by dumping of pig manure and the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers , salinization of soil and water by inappropriate agricultural practices (product to salt instruction given overexploitation of the aquifer ) and stoniness and low soil fertility , so it is proposed to work on this project in the areas of agriculture, food security and health.
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Because of the stoniness of those two dudes compared to Heath, their lifestyles probably wouldn't work together.