stone basket

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stone bas·'ket

an instrument passed through an endoscope to capture and extract urinary calculi.
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Third, just like any virtual reality simulator, the UroMentor suffers from software malfunction, where the second stone in the renal pelvis could not be captured by the stone basket. This may have contributed to the low face and content validity scores in the present study.
This study showed that age, psychiatric illness, history of urinary tract infection, stone size, and procedure-specific factors of ureteral dilation, use of stone basket, and operative time were risk factors in the univariate analysis for postoperative pain.
Stone extraction and removal was completed with 2.2 F tipless stone basket. Flexible nephroscope was used for inspection of uretero-pelvic junction and proximal ureter.
Rigid nephroscopy readily identified the calculus, which was removed intact using a percutaneous nitinol stone basket. A 6-French, 24 cm ureteral stent was placed in an antegrade fashion.
A four-wire helical stone basket was used to manipulate the stone under direct vision and a Swiss pneumatic lithoclast was used for large calculi.