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stomas, stomata

See stoma.
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Proposals are sought by London North West Healthcare NHS Trust for the provision of sponsorship of Stoma Care Specialist Nursing Services for a 5 year period, commencing 4.
When Crohn's disease sufferer Kate Lynch won a starring role in a campaign for a major underwear brand, she was more worried about showing a double chin than she was about exposing her stoma.
A total number of 293 patients (203 male and 90 female), who had exteriorization of enteric stomas for different reasons were considered for closure and the study.
There is a small but growing focus on the question of the experience of stoma and the introduction of an ostomy appliance in the nursing literature, researching how nurses might understand, treat and care for patients living with a colostomy or ileostomy bag.
The stoma has no sphincter control and requires a collection system (Burch, 2011; Piras & Hurley, 2011).
A protective stoma was created in 47 (31%) patients out of 149 who were enrolled in this study.
In the sample dominated elderly people, pensioners, whose stoma (usually a colostomy) was formed because of colorectal cancer.
At the time of death both stomas were functional, although 1 patient had stomal breakdown with partial dehiscence of the peristomal area.
Intestinal stomas-indications, stoma types, surgical technique.
Common Complications related to stoma were excoriation of skin 58.
A nurse practising as a sexual therapy consultant, Jan Burns, gave a very informative presentation on sexuality and body perception issues for patients with stomas.
His pulse oximetry indicated an oxygen saturation of 87% on air, which subsequently increased to 97% with supplementary oxygen via a Hudson mask over his stoma.