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Pain in the stomach or abdomen.


Vox populi Gastralgia

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Q. stomachache

A. as doctoradhi said - you gave little information about what you look for so you get the most broad answer there is. what i can say from my experience with people is that most stomachaches i know are caused by gas :) and taking care of that will get rid of the stomachache.

Q. 10 weeks pregnant, stomach pain. My sister is 10 weeks pregnant and she is suffering from stomach pain from week 5 until now. I am Just wondering is it normal to have stomach pain when pregnant? and dose it go away after 12 weeks? This is her first pregnancy so please educate us.

A. wife also felt pain during those weeks (5th..? maybe 4th...? up to the 11th- not sure) but it was not constant and not very painful. she went to her gyno who checked her out and told her it's the uterus stretching but it's good that she comes to check it out cause who knows.. don't take a chance.

Q. what kind of diet/food is good for helping with a stomach ache?

A. Stomach ache alone without diarrhea? You should eat more rice and bread and less meat, dairy and fruit. If you have diarrhea you should avoid fruit (except apples and bananas), and avoid milk products completely.

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Visit to find out how to be a stomachache detective!
Findings: Headache was the most frequently reported symptom (29%), closely followed by musculoskeletal pain (27%), fatigue (21%), and stomachache (18%).
When I was still a young boy (I am now 85-years-young) and had a stomachache, we were made to drink a small glass of soot tea!
Of the older children, only one had complained of nausea during the previous week, and only three had complained of stomachache during the previous week.
A transport ministry panel will look into Sunday's All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight bound for Singapore because the captain operated the aircraft alone after his co-pilot had stomachache, transport ministry and ANA officials said Tuesday.
For example, if you are suffering from a stomachache, put one hand on your Crown Chakra, and the other on your stomach.
Get a quick, painless strep test; from your doctor if your sore throat; includes red, swollen, or white-flecked tonsils, stomachache, headache, or fever.
A stomachache is oftentimes caused by a virus or bacteria.
The most common symptoms of nephropathia epidemica are fever, nausea, vomiting, headache, stomachache, back pain, tenderness in the kidney area, diarrhea or constipation, and red throat (5).
* PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS, such as sleep and appetite disorders, headaches, or stomachache.
There are periods with Warhol when everybody gets a stomachache over it.
In such a virtual environment, command and control users must be able to conduct operations regardless of sea state or stomachache, Brendley said.